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Aesthetic Services

Aesthetic Services


Cleansing, exfoliating, and massage are performed as you relax under a facial steamer. Extractions are done with your permission in order to clear clogged pores. A treatment mask and hydrating fluids complete the session. Your skin will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Products used are based on each client’s skin type/ sensitivities. ~ $90 / 60 minutes


Bliss Facial

This facial begins with an evaluation of the client’s skin/sensitivities. Skin care products are hand prepared. Natural/ organic ingredients as well as fresh fruits and vegetables are used just for you! Some of the ingredients used may include honey, coconut milk, strawberries, lemons, and bentonite clay. You will receive deep pore cleansing, exfoliation with an ionic brush and relaxing facial massage. Extractions are performed and a mask is used to suit your skin type. ~ $120 / 90 minutes



  • Brow ~ $20
  • Lip ~ $20 
  • Feet ~ $20
  • Face ~ $35
  • Underarm ~ $40
  • Bikini ~ $40
  • Half-leg ~ $40
  • Full leg ~ $80

Waxing prices are subject to increases dependent upon hair growth.

Brazilian waxing is not available.


Brow and Lash Tinting

Dye lasts 3-6 weeks dependent upon make-up wear and facial cleansing. ~ $25 / 30 minutes



Free of charge: Moist heat packs, essential oils, gem stones and crystals, and sound/music therapy compliment each session. Requests are welcome for preferences or will be decided upon by practitioner.

Hot Stones - $20: Hot stones may be added to a specific area of the body and to any massage for $20.

Salt Scrub/Hand Mitts - $25: A salt scrub cleanse and heated hand mitts followed by a hand massage can be added for $25.

Natural and organic body care are used in all treatments (please inform practitioner of any known skin sensitivities/ allergies).

Rejuvin8 offers a wide range of therapies and treatments to revitalize and re-balance your being, we beleive in prevention for mind, body and spirit

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