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Massage Services

Massage Services

Massage is a time-honored therapy that addresses the soft tissue system. Techniques used in massage are effleurage, kneading, compression and stretching. The benefits are to reduce muscular tension, increase range of motion/flexibility, improved circulation, decrease pain, stress reduction and create a state of relaxation.




Free of charge: Moist heat packs, essential oils, gem stones and crystals, and sound/music therapy compliment each session. Requests are welcome for preferences or will be decided upon by practitioner.

Hot Stones - $20: Hot stones may be added to a specific area of the body and to any massage for $20.

Salt Scrub/Hand Mitts - $25: A salt scrub cleanse and heated hand mitts followed by a hand massage can be added for $25.

Natural and organic body care are used in all treatments (please inform practitioner of any known skin sensitivities/ allergies).



Rejuvin8 offers a wide range of therapies and treatments to revitalize and re-balance your being, we beleive in prevention for mind, body and spirit

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